Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rainy Morning and Tattoos

My mind is racing right now.....I'm feeling so positive this morning about adoption matters (even though the rumors are confusing and grim). Plus I have so much to do today that my brain is scattered all over the place (ok that sounds really gross). At least I made a list so that I can focus on what MUST be done today (owning your own business has it's perks....end of the quarter tax reports is not one of them).

Oh and it's thundering and raining outside.....the perfect morning as far as I'm concerned. AND I got very encouraging emails from my friends Paula and Rachel. Then I heard one of my favorite songs on the radio by MercyMe....."hold fast, help is one the way...hold fast, He's come to save the day! I've learned in my life, one thing greater than my strife is His grasp...." Oh yes, Jesus always saves the day. Even though we may not see it. There is ALWAYS hope when we have Jesus as our Savior. Always.

Yesterday was fun. I emailed the school secretary to say that Brenden could leave early (he only missed study hall.....much to his chagrin. He really wanted out of Latin too) so we could go shopping! Yep, I'm a really cool mom that way. We all loaded up and did some shopping then took the boys to church youth group.

Then K-man, Lucy and I went to eat Chinese food. It was yummy of course. It's kinda funny because even though we often talk to Lucy about her Chinese-ness she refuses to admit that she is.... Chinese. She insists that she is just....Lucy (or the way she pronounces it, Yucy). But as we were eating she proudly announced,


Me, "Well Lucy, you are Chinese!"

"No, I'm China!"

Me, "Yes, but we say Chinese."

"No, I'm Yucy."


After our delicious meal (hot and sour soup, egg rolls & sesame chicken....every.time. thank you), we went to Toys * Us to look at swing sets. Well, Lucy quickly found a clearance box of Easter items and discovered what she thought were stickers. Actually, they were tattoos which we thought would be super fun!

Once home, we successfully got ONE on and she admired it briefly then rubbed it off.

Good thing they were marked down to only 20 cents.


Jaime said...

it's 9:39am and b/c of you i am craving chinese food... i want it now, not even for lunch, NOW!

Debby said...

Jami got a sheet of My Little Pony tattoos for Easter. I thought they were stickers when I bought them.

Before I knew it, she had plastered the ENTIRE sheet to her belly.

At least 6 baths & 4-5 swims in the pool & they are STILL there......

So glad they are on her stomach!!!!

Tony and Rett said...

Sigh....chinese food. I love chinese food. Ok, let's get Jaime and go eat chinese food!

SO glad you're encouraged today! It's a great day to be encouraged!

Doug and Terrye said...

You're right! We do have that hope that comes through knowing Jesus :) I'm reading in the book of Ruth, it amazes me to see a young man marry a woman outside of his faith...and to know that woman will someday be the great-grandmother of King David...the line that Jesus chose to come through!!! He is working even when we can't see it!!!

Terrye in FL

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