Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Blog Date

Well, let me tell you....we had the best time with Jean and her family!! If you follow her blog (no? Oh my must!), you already know how sweet she is by reading her posts. And I'm here to say that she is every bit as sweet and genuine as what you read. We really clicked and I think that we could have talked for hours & hours.

I promised Jean I would airbrush our photos but....I didn't get to it.
Jean's Florida tan annoyed me all evening (JK!!) :)

Jean and her ADORABLE daughter Sarah (who has only been home FOUR MONTHS!!)
Two of the cutest YOUNG ladies I know!

Lucy, Anna and Sarah REALLY hit it off!
Sarah is quite the chatter box, which I found incredibly charming!
Her English is INCREDIBLE!!! We were all shocked.
AND, she showed off her amazing math skills....she has a very, very
gifted teacher (Her Mama, who homeschools her!!)

Look at these super-models! Gorgeous.

Anna and Lucy are both 3 years old and
quickly formed a sweet friendship. Aren't they so cute?!!

All the grown-ups (including our reluctant husbands who think we are crazy....
though they had fun too...or so it seemed). What you can't see here
is three Chinese girls running around the restaurant as
we worked hard for a decent picture!

Well, that's two for two. We hit it off with Linn and her family and now Jean & her crew! I think we are onto something....Maybe we will start our own "blog dating service"!!!

**Brenden & Nick were also with us but I didn't get any pics of them (bad Mama). Hopefully Jean will post some good ones!


Lynsay said...

This will be how we explain who we are to people when we FINALLY sit down together.... "um..I know this person, who knew this person, who met this person, who has a blog, who I started following, then leaving comments, then emailing, now we're friends, Got it?" :) Hehe, love it! Can't personally vouch for the rest of the family but Jean is pretty awesome! How fun that you got to go to dinner together!

Sally- That Girl! said...

So happy that you two got to meet! Wanna come to California??? I have a guest house ready for you!

Nancy said...

Glad your blind date went well. Pix are adorable and I love Lynsay's true.

Chris said...

I'm jealous.
If you ever come to Lancaster county, PA please tell me!

I don't even try to explain about the people I know from their blogs. No one understands.

Karen said...

I am jealous that you guys got to meet. Glad you had so much fun.

Holly said...

Looks like fun! Blogging is fun for so many reasons. I talk about my blog friends quite often like I know them and my hubby always looks at me funny. :) I'll say "Linn this, or Lori that...oh you know, Lori from the blog I read?" lol. It IS kind of weird when you think about it! But when you read about people's lives and pray for them, you really feel connected! It's probably why it's so easy when you finally connect in person!

Karin said...

Oh, too funny! I needed this laugh this morning! :) Thank you for praying for my little Kate! you want to come and visit me?! :) I think we would get along great! hehe

Laura L. said...

How wonderful that you were able to meet in person.
Bloggy friends are a blessing. I hope to meet some of mine some day as well.
I know Jean and girls from playgroup and you are right, they are so sweet. I'm glad you got to meet them. They are special. :)

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