Monday, March 23, 2009

Hee Haw!!

With spring break officially over & it's back-to-school today, I asked Brenden last night, "Honey what do you want for breakfast tomorrow morning?" He said, "Served to me in bed around 9:30." Yeah, we all do sweetheart.

After a very productive week of renovation (ok, not really...but a transformation for sure), the rest of my house suffered greatly. I am almost drooling over the thought of mopping my wood floors today. I know, weird. But they are so very dirty that I just can't wait to get them shiny & eat-offable asap!

I don't have any before/after pics, sorry! I will post an after picture as soon as I put a few finishing touches on my room. I absolutely love it. You all may not be as impressed though....just keep in mind, I was on a very tight budget!! And, I guess if you didn't see it before, you won't appreciate the after as much. Oh and don't worry...K-man and I are just fine! :) I hope I didn't leave you all thinking that we were in a huff with each other...not at all. I'm so thankful I have a hubby who can do just about anything house-related. But Nancy, you are right....I do tend to NOT keep my mouth shut as much as I should. BUT, I certainly do just enough to keep my place as wife around here! However, just in case I ever over-use my right to speak out...don't believe the suicide note you find with my chopped up body in the freezer. (Ok, that's supposed to be funny...get it?)

Umm, let's see what else....oh Nancy you asked about Lucy's dance class. It was just an 8 week class and it's over. Thank goodness. I am getting more money's worth out of a 15 year old Barney video cassette than her $80 dance class. She eagerly dances, marches, sings along with Barney & friends. I guess she's just not quite ready to pubicly bust-a-move. We'll try it again later. Believe me, there's a little performer inside of her for sure!

We were watching Hee-Haw last night. I don't mean we stumbled on it and stayed for a few minutes...I mean we watched it. Or should I say, K-man watched it while I kept silent (oh yes I did!), the boys went on and on about how UN-funny it was.

I remember watching this gem when I was really truly was a fun show. So as we were enjoying the "entertainment" last night, Tammy Wynette (sp?) came on to sing a song. Holy smokes, the woman's hair barely fit on our wide-screen TV. I sat there in, it's not a style that one would wear now...but golly, the talent it took to get it that high (and wide). It may have been a wig....but still, someone had to back-comb for at least 30 minutes, sculpt, mold & spray, spray, spray. It took my breath away and it was more than this hair stylist could take and I jumped to my feet and announced I was going to the bathroom to try to do my hair like that. I didn't look at K-man's reaction, but I can assure you his eyes rolled and he likely muttered, "here we go again."

I grabbed a comb and began my fun. Lucy sat and watched. Who knows what was going on in her stick-straight haired mind. I didn't take the full amount of time it truly deserved to copy Miss Tammy but not having been taught Hee Haw hair 101 in beauty school, I just did the best I could.

I emerged from the bathroom, proud as a peahen. None of my clan really paid much attention to me as I entered the living room with the new nest on my head. This is sort of behavior from me is way more normal than you realize and everyone around here as learned to not make a fuss about it or it will just egg me on more. But I made sure everyone appreciated the great heights I had achieved. I grabbed the camera...B refused (snot) to have any part of it. K-man is my go-to guy for everything, including a photo shoot (though he wouldn't get up out of his uncooperative). After about the 3rd snap, he said, "why are we doing this again??" HUH! "For my blog of course!" Learn, honey, LEARN.

So here you go...the pictures truly don't do it justice I will add. It was much bigger than it appears. And don't you know that I couldn't have this do without putting on a Hee Haw show of my own.
Thank you, thank you...I'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip your waitress.

Do you like my new blog look? I'm not sure if I do or not.


Nancy said...

Love the hair. It's funny how things were funny a long time ago but not so much anymore. We were just talking about how great West Side Story was back in the day and now how stupid it is to have gang members dancing and singing. Love the look of your blog...very springy.

Holly said...

That is priceless! I wouldn't even know how to begin to do my hair like that. They really must have had some super products back then! I like your new springy blog layout too!

Chris said...

I hate when my son brings up the 80's with a sneer in his voice. This weekend the small private school I went to is having a 25th anniversary celebration with lots of pictures. Thank goodness my 17 y.o. will not be attending! Even the Mennonites go through fads and I don't think I am going to enjoy looking at the displays.
Loved your hair, you needed a good aerosol can of Aqua Net (Holly)

Mandi said...

Love the hair! That is too funny.


Jaime said...

oh my word! you have got to get out! (and i mean somewhere toher than basketball and wal-mart).

i like the brightness of you rnew blog but the background hurts my eyes a bit. but other than that it rocks!

Tarbs family said...


Debby said...

I haven't seen Hew Haw in ages...

Beauty school huh? I've had several beauty school trained folks stop me over the last few months offering to "fix" my daughters hair. I'm letting it grow out after a run in with her sisters SEPTEMBER!!! I thought fixing it at that point would pretty much necesssitate a shave.

Like the new look, but the background is a little busy to read text upon.

Karen said...

Love your big hair:-) I can't wait to see your new room. I have redone our room (in my head:-) many times and it looks so nice:-)

I like your new blog, but the text on the yellow background is hard on the eyes to read.

Morgyn said...

Your comment on my blog made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. Dudley most certainly DOES NOT bring out the best in me haha. He was locked up away when I took that picture...can't you tell??? :D lol It's gotta be the vitamins+diet. :P

Thank You!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Have to give you credit for posting that hairdo on the blog!! Like the new look of the blog but really liked the last one, but I know how that goes you get kind of tired of it and look for a change.

Can't wait to see the bedroom when you post!

Rachel said...

Believe it or not I just now figured out how to disable something so that I could actually see the "word verification box"...Have mercy! Thank you for your sweet comment on my daughter's birthday post. When I showed her your pic. (Not Ms. Wynette, but the one of you modeling the Stripture T) She said "Ooh. She's cool."

Brittne said...

Haha that hair reminds me of when you did all the girls hair at youth group for wacky night!! Ahh good times!

Hezra said...

Ha ha. . . so funny last night my hubby wanted to wtch a late movie after kids were in bed. I had a headache so he graciously offered to rub my head while we watched. Well, the last thing I remembered was the first 5 minutes of the movie. Then he woke me up and said, hon we better get to bed. When I stood up. . . I just felt my hair was wrong. To high or wide or both. lol I said, um, did you rub my head the whole movie long?? He looked at me and laughed.I knew it was bad. I looked in the mirror and it was like Bozo the clown ha somehow shared hair tips with Buckwheat. lol. Too bad I was too tired to post pics, cuz girl, it was even better than yours! ;-) AND it was a giant knotted ratted mess. And the man did it all with his bare hands. No aqua net, no ratting comb. . . NOTHING! lol

Donna said...

You seem to have so much fun! Wish I was your neighbor.

I like the new blog look. The background is a bit bright, but I feel it is easier to read than the old look.

Can't wait to see pics of your new "escape"!

Suzette said...

You are much braver than I am. We recently had crazy hair day at school(I teach 6th grade) and I decided an 80's big hairstyle would work for me. My own children couldn't believe I would go out of the house like that and my students got a great laugh!
Your newest background is much better than the bright yellow-great job!

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