Friday, March 13, 2009

Good News!

Good news! I just got an email from our agency saying that the Consulate finally emailed them saying that our remaining documents have been authenticated and are being mailed back today!!! Yippee Jesus! I just knew He was watchin' out for us!!


carie said...

Praise God!
xx, Carie

Lynsay said...

Yippee!!!!!!!! Have you started packing yet?? Hehe!

Anonymous said...

That's super! So glad!!!!

Jaime said...

but... what's that mean? i knew at one point in time when we were researching international adoptions, but that was 2 years ago.
but... YIPPEE!!

Mom Of Many said...

Celebrating over here with you! You may just beat us to Ch*na actually...if you do, could you just grab Jubilee and run for the door with her?

jan said...

it is sad that mere papers can hold such power, ya know?!!! no papers, no child. kinda important stuff..... soooo verrrrrry happy they are in good hands... xoxoxoxo, jan :)

Kathy said...

Wow!! God is so good!

Lori, we are right behind you.
We were told the LA consulate
may or may not expedite our paperwork.
We are going to ask anyway. We already
sent and have received most of our
paperwork back. This time it is only the
approval and dossier and addendum we need to
have done.
With God all things are possible. :)


Holly said...

Praise the Lord! I knew He was just testing your faith, and that all would be well!!

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