Friday, March 6, 2009

From Fingerprints to Guacamole

Thankfully, getting up at early-thirty in the morning to get our fingerprints done paid off because we were first in line. ALWAYS a good thing, especially anything government-related, ya know?

The gal asked me to show her my hands...k, no problem. She said, "umm, do you do a lot of work with your hands?" To which my brain is racing with thoughts because I'm just wondering....what kind of job doesn't require you to use your hands...a lot?? I told her I was a stay-at-home mom so yes, I tend to do my housework & such with my hands quite frequently. My attempts to do things without my hands just doesn't have the same outcome.

She also asked if I type a lot. All of a sudden I was questioning myself...has all my blogging worn out my fingerprints?? Has my hobby (aka, addiction) led to my identity being lost? I told her...yes, sort of (my blog posts aren't really that long, are they?)

She then squeezed about a week's worth of lotion in my hand and told me to rub it I did, and did. Then she did my prints on the electronic dealy.

She still wasn't confident about how they turned out (should I be planning a bank robbery knowing that they'll never be able to figure out who done it? JK!) so she also did my prints the old fashioned way....with the ink. She looked them over and thought they looked really good. Whew.

She then proceeded to wipe the ink off my fingers one at a time. Aaaahhh. I told her that to me, it was as good as a relaxing manicure & would she mind doing my feet as well. She declinded. Snot.

We got back home around 9:30 AM (surprisingly early) but it felt like it should be noon...I was starving for real food. I pulled into the garage, carefully got my sweet sleeping Lucy out of her seat, being oh-so-careful not to do anything that would wake her (as I plotted out my path to the couch to lay her down). My plan suddenly halted when the door to inside the house was locked. GGRRR!!! This darn door sometimes just seems to end up locked....??? Sometimes, it's Lucy. Anyway, it didn't matter because it was locked and I was standing there with a sleeping girl. I felt like crying because I knew my plan had been thwarted and she would wake up as I went about trying to get into my house (no, I don't have a house key...stupid, I know).

A glimmer of hope was that Nick was inside....but still asleep (a benefit of homeschooling...but it was definitely time that he should be up). I called him. No answer. No answer. No answer. So, I had no choice but to walk around to the back of the house and knock on his window. Now if this was me on the inside....the first thing I would do would be to call 911. No way would I stick my face in the window to see who was lurking outside. But, Nick's sleepy mug suddenly appeared and he annoyingly got up to unlock the door (let's study attitude adjustments today).

So, I was back on track but of course Lucy was wide awake. Oh well. She did lay down to watch a show while I had another cup of coffee and cookies. That didn't hit the spot in the least because I really wanted lunch (but what?)....I quickly eyed an avocado on the counter and with hope in my heart my print-free fingers gave it a squeeze...Yippee, it's ripe. So I made myself some guacamole, chips and a Pepsi. Ahhh. SO YUMMY!!! And I almost at ALL of it. Don't judge me.

Ok, I've rambled enough. Have a wonderfully great weekend and I'm so sorry that we all will be losing an hour of precious sleep. As I recall, I made a plan to change the whole spring forward thing....but apparently I was all alone in my ideas because no one gave my post on it one single comment. :(


Mom Of Many said...

I had the exact same problem with my finger prints..they couldn't see them at all.

I think that you and I have been working our fingers to the dang bone and that's couldn't be the blogging thing...that actually should help to raise them up off the finger...don't ya' think? Absolutely, I'm certain of see - it's really to our benefit that we blog...

How in the heck would they have gotten our fingerprints without us blogging? Wow, thank goodness we blog....

Much love from our home to yours!

Sally- That Girl! said...

I hope and pray your approval comes quickly. I can't wait to follow you to China!!

And I would have eaten the entire bowl of guacamole no problem!!!

Jean said...

There are so many possibilities when they are sleeping- I quickly think of all the things I could do- hopping on the computer is definitely top of the list- what a bummer when hopes are dashed!! Sorry about the locked door! I have to laugh when I think of Nick's head popping up in the window and the semi disgusted look you got- sounds familiar!

On the other hand- great news that things are moving along!! Shu Li will be coming home!! Yippee Jesus!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

wore off your fingerprints blogging.. bwahahahahaha... that is a hoot. I am laughing on the outside and a little nervous on the inside for my next fingerprint appts... lotion.. lots and lots of lotions..

thanks for the smiles. You crack me up!

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