Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baking Bread...during a not-happening-blizzard

Yesterday I canceled all of our plans to leave the house since a "blizzard" was on its way. I won't lie, I was looking forward to being hunkered down in my little house on the prairie with my family, while the snow piled up outside. Well, as life outside my house continued... with NO SNOW in site, I baked bread.

Being inspired after my "introduction" to The Pioneer Woman by Stefanie, I thought that perhaps...just some small (very small) way, I could photograph & beautifully display on my blog my own homemade creation. Sure.

I have a really nice camera that I paid a lot of money for (after being highly frustrated by not being able to capture my boys' great basketball moves) but I have no idea how to use any of the fancy shmancy settings. But I'm trying.

So here is my adventure in making the most incredible challah bread (a wonderful Jewish bread with lots of eggs and forget about it if you care about calories, which I do not).

Fresh eggs (of course)
Oh the magic of just makes me happy.
Mixing well....
Ready for a toasty hot oven
Done! Not exactly Goodhousekeeping picturesque but let me tell ya, it is good!!

Ok, so I'm no Pioneer Woman but it was fun anyway and oh-so-yummy!

Here is the link to the recipe! Note that it says to use a loaf pan...when I just use one, it gets WAY TOO BIG and overflows. So I would advise you use two (unless you have a big loaf pan) or try another method.


Sue Mom of Two said...

Your bread looks YUMMY!!!!!!!.... but I looked back through your post 3 times looking for the recipe or a link to the recipe which I was just SURE you had posted....but alas....there was NO recipe.

Carol said...

I found the recipe and I knew one of my girls would end up making alot of dough! I love it! Knead on!

Lacy said...

YUMMM!!!! Your bread looks great. I will have to try that recipe.

I love to see my precious children eating something wholesome I made for them. Somehow that cancels out all of the times we stop at the Golden Arches on our way to sports right? I also love to hunker down in the cold with my family and a nice fire roaring on cold snowy days.

Mom Of Many said...

Okay, I am sitting in the window seat reading your post and ya' know how if you don't have your computer screen just right you can sometimes not really be able to see the screen because of the light outside??

Okay, bear with me....when I saw the final product bread it looked like two puppies on a wire rack...I leaned closer, thinking you were being funny and still looked like puppies and then I leaned and tilted the screen again...

LOL - hope you are NOT was purely a computer screen sunlight problem...

The bread sounds and looks can I come have a piece - please??

Love you! xo

Jean said...

Okay- I'll be right over! I always said I would be fine in jail with water, bread and butter! That is all I need and for some reason I don't think they serve homemade bread, real butter and purified water in jail! Hmmmm, I guess it's not the place for me!

We were expecting a snowstorm a month ago- in anticipation I kept my sweet Johnny at home. I didn't want the poor boy to have to brave the cold, wet, dangerous snow! Actually, I really wanted a little time with him- needless to say the snow never happened!
We still had a good day!
Should I be expecting some homemade bread on April 17th, 18th and 19th??

just kidding, I'm havin too much fun! coffee at starbucks or a cold pizza works for us!

trina said...

As I'm reading your post, I'm smelling the wonderful aroma of the bread I just baked. Yours looks so yummy,too. Linny...the puppy comment..oh my..too funny. Oh how I wish we had snow...sounds so delightful..huh.
And how exciting to be traveling soon to your big girl!! Did I miss pictures of her on your blog? Can't wait to follow your journey. You must come over and guess my mystery special guest. It's been an amazing week.

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Oh, I love homemade bread! And the smell of yeast. Yummy.
Those weathermen are always wrong, lol.
And I could teach you how to use your camera if you like, Lori. I took a photography class and learned a few useful things. Love ya!

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