Monday, January 19, 2009

Lucy the "Ballerina"

Now we move on to what is becoming my Monday morning blues...Lucy's dance class. After having been sick all weekend, I wasn't even sure that we would make it. But as I casually mentioned it to her over her morning noodles she was very excited at the thought. I quickly decided that since her nose wasn't running and her hacking cough could perhaps be suspended for the 45 minutes of prancing about, we would hurry up and get ready to go.

We arrived in time to let Lucy get used to the idea of being there again. And to my surprise and relief, she readily sat down with the others and I assured her that I wasn't leaving but would stand, over there. That seemed fine and dandy with Miss Ballerina.

But once again I found myself begging her to follow along with her friends and do what they are doing (that will no doubt come back to haunt me at around 16). But no, my stubborn girl is her own woman and felt no need to cave to peer pressure (let's remember that attitude). So as you can see from the pictures, this amazing Asian will plie' and act like a kangaroo if and when she wants to. I'm questioning whether my money is being well spent here.

Let's unpack this frame by frame:

Here we see Lucy mixing in quite nicely with the other dancers

I quickly realize that the previous picture was Lucy giving me false hope...

I know what you are thinking....but please don't feel sorry for her, she brought this on herself

Look closely...that's right, Miss Lucy is just sitting on the mat

And here we see Lucy refusing to pretend to be a bear

And apparently she's too good to be a leapfrog as well

Lucy, "You want me to sit? I think I'll stand."

Lucy's side of the parachute never did get any higher than what you see here

Lucy, "And why are these girl doing this?"

Lucy, "Oh, stickers for all of us? YIPPEE! I'll have two please!"

"Why can't Brenden be in my dance class??"


Jean said...

Oh my - I know someone just like Lucy- only she's 8 years old and she's living at my house! I love the play by play! Thank goodness Mommy has a sense of humor or Lucy would be leaving dance class without ANY stickers!
She is too cute!

Jaime said...

oh my! i know you said she wouldn't participate, but i had no idea how much she wouldn't participate.
no help for you... i have a boy and it's my first time around. sorry.
*but, she does look very cute in her ballet outfit!*

Live4him said...

Hahaha That's Lucy for you! And she's is just so adorable!♥

Holly said...

I am quite literally laughing out loud. It is just so funny!!

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

haha, Lucy's so cute. I love that last picture! So adorable!

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