Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let's All Help

If you are just stopping by for the first time today, please scroll down a ways to see the pictures that were sent to me via cell phone. Our sweet friends Dwight & Linn had a tragic fire at their home today, losing much, if not all, of its contents. Today's updates here and on Linn's blog have been rather jumbled & straight to the point. I hope it all makes sense! I'm afraid I wouldn't make a very good journalist! I know that they would appreciate your encouragement by leaving a comment and most of all for your prayers. Thank you for your generous hearts....the adoption community is incredible to say the least.

Another UPDATE: Ok, I have been told that cash and gift card donations can be mailed to the church:

The River Church
Re: Saunders Fire
860 Plymouth Dr
Durango, CO 81301-4755

**Make sure you put in the memo of your check SAUNDERS FIRE but make the checks out to River Church

I'm not sure about mailing clothing or other items yet...I will let you know.

UPDATE: I am just a bundle of emotions today...I haven't even showered yet (still in my pj's! and it's 3:oo!!) Here is an email I just received from a pastor at D & L's church...
Let me fill you all in with what is going on with the Saunders. Their house is not a total loss however there was extensive smoke damage. The roof is still intact. As for the babies’ room it is a total mess. Everything in there is gone. As well as in the washing room (which is where the fire started). The upstairs is completely black with soot. Pray that their pictures and most precious items are all in good shape. Also just pray for God’s peace in the midst of this tragic time.Mark

I will set up a ChipIn account as soon as I can. You all have amazingly generous hearts and I know Linn & Dw will be flooded with emotion when they see the outpouring of help they receive.

**The ChipIn icon that is on my blog now is for The Morning Star Project (please see a couple of posts down regarding that fundraiser). Please wait for a second ChipIn to appear for any donations for Dw & Linn.


lorihays said...

I am just sick over what has happened to these special people! Please count me in on anything and everything! Could you post a snail mail address, too? I'd love to drop them a note and include some gift cards, etc. Something like this will take lots of time for them to get back on their feet! They are covered in thoughts and prayers from us and everyone else who knows them!


Suzanne said...

You are awesome Lori and I appreciate you having a servant's heart. I like the of a blog shower. Maybe knowing the kids clothes sizes or what stores are in their area for gift cards would help them get what they need.

In His Grip,
Middle TN

Jen said...

Hi Lori,
I too, am willing to help in whatever can be done. My heart just sank when I saw the post. If you could send me their home address, I would love to gather clothes for the kids as well as some giftcards!! Thanks for your friendship to this family and for your willingness to help!
Praying in Indiana,

Michy said...

I'm here in Durango, so please let me know if there is anything at all I can do.

For stores in the mall please see


Anonymous said...

They are also taking donations of any and all kinds at College Drive Durango Joes

momof4jones said...

I have been following your blog for a little while and have also been blogging with Linn. Thank you so much for the updates today. My heart has been so heavy for them as I have lifted them up in prayer throughout the day. Thank you for the address to the church so I can send a gift card. Please continue to keep us updated.


Carol said...

This lovely family is in our hearts and prayers. Probably a Visa gift card would be good since we don't know what gift cards to send. Thanks for the church address and for all you are doing for this family.



Anonymous said...

Lori, do we make the check out to the church or to Dw and Linn?

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