Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Fantastic Email!!

I'm just so giddy this morning!! Lucy got me up SUPER early again...she isn't feeling well so sleeping through the night is difficult for her (poor sweet little cupcake!). Anyway, we cuddled on the couch for a long time, which was awesome! Then I got up to check my email and WOW! was I surprised to find an email from Michael Melsi (the great guy who works in Shu Li's orphanage)!! Here is what he said:

Lori - here are some pictures of Katie for you. The girls with her are her good friends Linda (in purple) and Shelley (in orange). She is in the 2nd level of middle school (approx. 7th grade), and 13 years old. She likes to study English and Language studies. She is very,very shy and is going to need a lot of love! Can't wait to hear asyour story progresses.

It sounds like she is called Katie in the orphanage (that name was in her file we received but we weren't sure if she actually goes by that name). I emailed him back to find out for sure because if she is, then that is what we will name her. I'm so used to calling her Shu Li that Katie sounds funny to me!

UNFORTUNATELY, we are just not comfortable (and our agency has asked us not to) post pictures yet. :( SORRY! I will post them as soon as I can. Lucky for those who live close to me because I will print them off and show you soon!! But I will tell you that she is so cute! And very tiny (especially compared to her friends she is standing by). I can't wait!!!! Please continue to pray that my FBI check is here SOON! And rats! No mail tomorrow because of MLK holiday...I'm hoping that it arrived on Saturday.


Sally- That Girl! said...

Aren't weekends and three days weekends the worse when you are adopting???? No one understands better than another adoptive parent the dread of the weekends!!!

I am glad I am back to enjoying them! Such a a relief!

Amy said...

What exciting news Lori! I can't wait until you can share the pictures!

Nicole A. said...

Oh, I love pictures. Can't wait to see them!! I'm so happy that you are able to get information and photos so you can have an idea of what life is like for her, even if it is just a tiny glimpse. Do you know when you'll be traveling yet?

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

Holly said...

Oh, Hooray! I am so excited for you! We are getting close to meeting our sweetie, and I can't wait to start our Journey to Me story!! Who knows? Maybe I'll even start my own blog! If you would like to see some pics of my family, so you can put a face with the name who comments on your posts nearly every day, come see me on facebook. Holly Gilliam is my name. :)

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Oh! I'm still so excited that you're adopting again. I can't wait to meet her when I come up to visit Kansas (someday...)!

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