Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lucy's Birthday Party!!

Lucy's 3rd birthday (and FIRST with us!!!) isn't actually until Tuesday but we celebrated today with a fun little party! We decided to keep it small since she gets easily overwhelmed with a lot of people around. It turned out just fine and she had a great time! She had lots of presents to open though with each one she just wanted to play with that & didn't care about the rest of the packages waiting for her!

Lucy loves balloons and had a great time with all of them today

Lucy's best buddy Micaiah

My sweet friend Angela & Micaiah (Mike..I didn't get a pic of you! OOPS!)

Ninny using desperate concentration trying to get Lucy's stickers off the sheet...maybe your glasses might help?

How precious is this! Lucy using a rolling pin as a bottle to feed her new baby doll!!


Nicole A. said...

Happy Birthday! She has come a long way, and is oh so cute! No wonder you're ready to adopt again! My littlest (and only girl thus far), Lily, just turned 3 a couple of months ago ... such a fun age, I'm loving it!

All the best,
Nicole A. in Oh

Brittne said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! What an adorable little party! Micaiah looks so grown up now too! (tear, tear) :(


Lynsay said...

WOw! Happy birthday beautiful girl!!! She really is about the cutest little girl in the world! So glad she is home!!

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