Thursday, November 6, 2008

Made With Love

Very thankful on this Thursday.........

I have mentioned my dear friend Angela many times here. I can't stress enough what a blessing she is to me...she was a major prayer warrior for bringing Lucy home (as was her husband Mike...and parents Joe and Cathy. BIG rewards await them in heaven for their dedication & passion in praying for Lucybug). She also gives, gives, gives and then gives some more in anything church related. She knows no restraint that will keep her from volunteering, including sickness and especially for sure not selfishness. I have told her countless times, "you need to learn to say NO." And though I stand by that (sometimes, we need to take a teeny, tiny break), the truth is, I need to learn to say "yes" more often like she does.

When she found out that Lucy was heading home she immediately began working on a quilt for her. It has been a long and difficult process for her, mainly because she has a tiny tot, Micaiah, who well...just loves his Mama to pieces. And not to mention that she is a nurse AND all the church stuff she does. So sitting at a sewing machine for longer than a few minutes was a mountain to climb. But determined she was and last night she presented it to Lucy and me and we were tickled to say the least!

My Biggest THANK YOU to you Ang...we love the quilt and most of all, WE LOVE YOU!!


Angela said...

Hey, I'm finally on!!!

Thank you so much for your sweet words, you give me WAAAAY more credit than I deserve!

I actually wanted to comment on your post-election blog yesterday. Thank you for speaking up for Christianity. I strongly believed during this whole election time that my views were not political at all, but based on Christian morals. I do not care if you label yourselves republican, democrat or independent, it is more about deciding on the person who most closely reflects Christian morals. I know neither candidate was exactly what we could hope for in this regard, however I am so disappointed and saddened that so many people, especially Christians have been deceived by this man Obama.

I pray God will have mercy on us and now I will begin praying for Obama as well. We do need to step up as Christians and begin boldly proclaiming God's truth. Thank you sister for doing this in such a deceived world!

Mom Of Many said...

Awwww! I want one!! It's gorgeous -what a sweet, sweet friend! How blessed you are!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty quilt! Angela is a woman of many talents & a blessing beyond measure.

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