Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm starting to feel as though I'm a columnist for a newspaper & I find myself in a panic when I don't have a riveting "article" to submit daily! Duh, one is paying you for's not's just for fun. Right??

Ok so, right at the moment I'm enjoying my coffee then it's off to Nick's first basketball practice of the season. I'm the Team Mom again this year so that means more stuff for me to do which is good because gosh, I have so many dull, boring nothing-to-do moments in my day. K was a little perturbed that I took on yet another duty but the truth is, I enjoy it & I will do my best not to complain about it...too much. :)

So this was pretty much a "filler" post. I had nothing of significance to brain is too slow from a lack of sleep and I just don't have the energy for profound, or funny thoughts. I don't even have any real basketball pics from last year to slap on here because they are locked away in the archives (in an external hard drive that I have no idea how to use...far as I can tell, those photos are lost forever if left to me to squeeze out) So this is it folks! Perhaps I will have an amazing afternoon that will lead to something hilarious to write about.

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jan ranger said...

hi lori! i don't know if you 'know' me or not -- jan from JTM (phoebe). anyway, just a quick note to let you know i LOVE< LOVE, LOVE your blog. your sense of humor always hits me as HILARIOUS! you are fun, and sweet, and cute....and well, i just like you. thanks for the bright spot that you are.... love in Jesus, jan

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