Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Last Day...really!

Ok well, here I sit...still in Durango. Yep, that's right, we decided to squeeze in one more day. And yes, we are going over to L & D's for dinner again! It's just been one long dinner party this week & we've loved every minute of it! They are the nicest, most genuine Christian people you could ever meet. They will be our dear friends for life no doubt.

I have tried like 5 times to upload some pics but it's just not letting me so I'm sorry that the only thing in this post is my boring words. :) But hey, I have an idea...I told our new sweet friend Emma that I would give her blogs a plug so please check out this sweet girl's is about her mission trip to Uganda (and hopefully another trip is just around the corner for her!!) and her other blog is her photography blog. So check them out and be sure to pray for her as she has such a heart for missions in Africa!

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