Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Brown Stork!!

The long awaited delivery has arrived!!

The Brown Stork himself!!


Here she is!!! *tears*

Today we eagerly awaited a delivery from the "brown stork" (aka UPS guy!) containing our approval papers for Lucy. When he came this afternoon we really wanted to get a picture of the moment but felt silly asking him, but I really didn't want to miss a fun photo! He was thrilled & readily agreed, saying that he has three adopted sisters. He told us he would love a copy of the picture since he has never had such a delivery! I forgot to get his email address though so I could send him a copy. So, I guess I will just have to do a little shopping online so he can make another delivery! Great excuse for shopping.

We signed the papers & immediately took it to the UPS store to overnight it back to our agency. They will send it to China & then they start working on our travel approval.

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