Thursday, November 2, 2017

Messy Me, Local Buns, Mean Breakfast

Very soon I am going to give you a video/photo tour of the biggest obstacle of my life.
That being, my ridiculous pile habits.
Here and there, tucked away, hidden by the façade of neatness,
are my many piles of papers, purchases, and pressures of life.
I can't seem to break away from it. 
No amount of tubs, accordion files, or manila folders have the ability to change my cold, disorganized soul.

 (Said perfectly by my best employee, Audrey.)

The ultimate portrayal, however, is my closet.
But I will save that for another day, which will give you something to look forward to.

(My bakery daughter, Audrey, or as I call her, Aud.)

But, I make a mean breakfast, which I have to get started way sooner than
I care to think about.  So I better check out now, yo.


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