Wednesday, October 31, 2012

our halloween [a pictorial]

First off,
I feel the need to tell you that I got up at 4:15 this morning
(on purpose!)
to bake 12 loaves of bread.
Fun times!!

Moving on.

So here's the deal.
I no likey Halloween so much.
Not because I am morally opposed or anything.
But because I'm lazy.
When it comes to dragging my kids around in costumes that I have either
paid good-hard-dollars for...or spent hours making,
yes, I admit it.
I'm lazy that way.

to make up for not trick-or-treating...
I made a scavenger hunt!

Here's the pictorial:

(A short break to take a pic of Nick and Dino.)

The kiddos had a blast!  

Then we made chili-cheese taquitos for dinner.


caramel popcorn.

More on that later!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

lucy gives a speech

Sometimes what I post here is simply for the sake of
recording things so that I never ever forget.
And for my children's grandmas to enjoy.

This is one of those times.

Lucy is taking a public speaking class at the homeschool enrichment center
that she and Isaiah attend.

And Lucy had to give her first speech yesterday.
VERY reluctantly initially...but thanks to her FABULOUS teacher,
and encouraging friends...she went through with it.

It was a demonstration speech,
carefully telling how to make S'Mores.

She wouldn't let me stay to watch.
It made her nervous to have me there.

But, that was okay.
I prayed with her, gave her a pep-talk...and sent her on her way.
One of her teachers videoed once I receive that from her,
I will post it here!

In the mean time,
here is her teacher's evaluation:

*Great volume, posture and eye contact.

*Well prepared--had the perfect amount of ingredients!

*Great job overcoming your nerves.  SO proud of you!!!

Well Done!

*So glad you were enjoying yourself in the end!!

Soooo happy that she did such a
good job and overcame her fear to speak
in front of her peers.

Way to go, Lucy!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

fruit-tree HAPPY!

It is really boring here in the midwest!
ALL the attention is on Sandy.

No seriously, that's where ALL the attention SHOULD BE!!!
I'm really thankful that all is peaceful here.

I'm truly grateful for our blue skies and ELECTRICITY!

But looky looky!!

I got an EARLY birthday present from my parents!

FOUR...count them, FOUR apple trees!!

TWO....TWO glorious peach trees!!!!!

TWO....TWO beautiful (though lacking leaves at the moment) cherry trees!!!

Have you EVER?

I am so stoked.

Does it make me super old that FRUIT TREES make me so happy?

Well, so be it.

These beauties will bear MUCH fruit in a few short years
and I will be STUPID with apples, peaches and cherries!

Plan to come over for pies, okay?


please pray

Hey, friends!

Please pray for my dear friend Karin's daughter, would you?

They were preparing all weekend to hunker down at 
home and brace for the hurricane...
but their sweet daughter SaraGrace woke up this morning
with an infected tooth.
Not terribly horrible, except that she has a heart condition
and the dentist sent them to the Boston.

Please pray as they brave the storm AND get SaraGrace the
help she needs.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

bible characters [who do YOU relate to most?]

I have a very poignant question for you.

Give this some deep thought, okay?

What Bible character(s) do you most associate yourself with?

I will tell you mine.
It's sooooo easy.

I am a generous helping of Jonah and Peter.

A big-mouthed-reluctant-stubborn servant of the Lord.

Yep, that's me.


So, who are YOU?

If you aren't sure, start in Genesis and don't stop reading until you
come up with someone.
Trust me, you'll find someone you can relate to!

Friday, October 26, 2012

lori made cupcakes!

I totally made homemade chocolate cupcakes today for
Eli's birthday!

He's 14 today.

Party happening later tonight!

So in case you are interested,
my cupcake recipe came from HERE.

And the butter cream frosting came from HERE.
(Though I modified it by adding half butter, half shortening...and um, REAL vanilla extract.)

And the cupcake holder thingys?
I totally made those.

I cut out some circles from some unbleached parchment paper
with some pinking shears...
and shoved them into cupcake tins.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

kansas wheat berries! [exciting...for me, at least!]

homeschool moms are THE best.
And THE most resourceful people, EVER.

I've been searching high and low for some Kansas wheat over
the last year or so.

And much to my surprise,
one of the teachers at Lucy and Isaiah's homeschool enrichment school,
just so happens to grow and sell Kansas organic wheat berries!


Look at it,
all beautiful in my big ol' jar!

And here she is in the 50 lb bag,
which I WILL be storing in my deep-freeze, ASAP.
To keep it fresh, fresh, FRESH!

I'm soooo thankful for whole grains!
The nutrients and goodness are exceedingly wonderful.

AND, I'm very thankful that God leads us to just the right people,
at just the right time.


This is just the sort of thing that makes me so very happy.

surf & turf

I can't not take photos of my cattle neighbors when they come
for a visit.
They are irresistible.

Are these my people?

Please take me into your home.

I will fit right in, I promise.

I beg you, let me sleep on your porch.  I won't cause trouble.
I don't belong here.

And then we had crabby patties for dinner.
I think seafood was a proper choice,
having just visited with the cattle-folk, and all.

Who am I kidding, we had steaks too.
There, I said it.
Sorry, Red.

Recipe coming soon for my Kansas Crabby Patties!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

worship [never once]

We sang this song in church last weekend.
Oh man, did it ever move my heart.
I needed to worship my God at that moment, with that very song.

And just in case one of you needs to do the same,
turn up your speakers and marvel in His presence.

what a day!

Yesterday was one crazy day.
Along with my bee fiasco, here's what else happened:

It was Brenden's final day of his fall break, 
so he helped me home school the little children.

Take a look.

My math-major college son,
helping my rascally kindergartener with...math.
And the look in B's face genuinely speaks volumes.

And then he helped Lucy with a word problem.
It left both of us dumbfounded.
We never did figure it out.
Darn that 2nd grade math!

And then later,
Brenden headed back to school.
Lucy has a hard time with that.
And so do I.

We celebrated Macy's 17th birthday!!!

Wow, what a day!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

you will not bee-lieve this!

This morning
Brenden opened the door to go out to the garage.
Shut the door quickly and said,
"Mom, you will not believe this...look!"

Lo and behold, there was a SWARM of bees hovering over our recycle bag
of pop cans.

So he decided to gear up and move the bag of cans outside,
in order to draw the bees out of the garage.
Good idea!

Except that he chickened out.
(You can't see the bees in the pic, darn it...but trust me, there were hundreds of them!)

Which meant only one thing.
Wait for K-Man to get home and take care of it.
Or I would have to go out and take care of it.
Okay, that's two things. know me,
I decided to handle the whole thing myself.

It's these opportunities I've learned to seize,
for personal growth and for good blog posts.

I grabbed a small laundry net bag thingy
and put it over my head.
Then covered every square inch of the rest of me.

My lovely make-shift bee-keeper costume.

Here I am gathering all the cans that had fallen out of the bag.

Another angle, for your observation.

A close-up, for your entertainment.

And that's that.
Once again, Lori saves the day.

Monday, October 22, 2012

my friday night [single brother in-law]

Last Friday night was Senior Night at our little high school.
How sweet of them to honor me like that!
Go Senior-Citizen-Lori!!

Oh wait.
I'm confused.

the seniors in HIGH SCHOOL and their parents were given the spotlight
before the football game.
It was so fun!

Look at me with my Nicky and K-Man!
Right there in the middle of the field.
See us??

Here we are again.
I am famous now!!!

Here is Nick with his girlfriend, Sarah.
So very cute, they are!!
Even though it makes my soul insanely bitter to think of sharing any 
of my men-children with another gal.
Therapy will help, I'm sure.

Then back on the ranch later that night we ate cake and did some working out.

Brenden was determined to get Isaiah to do a pull-up.
(Brenden's home for fall break!)
And his plan failed.

The lil' dumpling just couldn't pull himself up.
Well, duh.

Then my SINGLE brother-in-law, Kenny took try at it.

He did like 50 of them.
Or somethin'.

AND Kenny also made a down-right sinful chocolate cake.
(He's single, girls!)

Did I mention that he's SINGLE?

My work here is done.
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