Sunday, November 30, 2008

Semi-Big News

I have some big news...not THE big news that I have been talking about recently but this is regarding a family decision that we made yesterday. If you haven't already read Linn's recent blog entry (come on, don't tell me you don't follow her blog!!?)...we have decided that since we miss our favorite blogging family so much, we feel it would be in our best interest to apply for them to adopt us! We went ahead and jumped into their family pic just to show them how well we would fit in! And there's still plenty of room for more little ones! So, it's all good!

What a beautiful family...don't ya think?

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!!!

Yippee! Last night we put up our Christmas tree!!! But first....we went and bought all new decorations and lights. For the last 21 years, I have been in full control of the decorations...a self-appointed committee of ONE. ME. NO ONE ELSE. I am particular about MY tree. I want it to look magazine-worthy. BUT....this year, the fellas boldly, but fearfully, stood up to me and said, "WE WANT COLORED LIGHTS...please!"

Well...I said, "Fine. But do you realize how much it will cost to buy all new stuff?"
K-man says, "$20?"

Me, "What world are you living in??"

K-Man, "I don't know Lori...we just want colored lights instead of Goodhouse Keeping white."

Me, "Alright then. I'm a woman of compromise (picture the men in my house rolling their eyes)."

So off we went to BUY ALL NEW STUFF!! I told them it was coming out of their present money!

The finished product is very beautiful I must say...though because I only know how to use one setting on my fancy shmancy camera, the pics just don't do it justice. But here's a bunch of pics of our evening anyway....

"I'm so exciting about this Christmas thing!!"

Look at this beautiful tree we found in the just needed a few adjustments...

What is this??? K-man helping?? This is unheard of. Perhaps he felt a bit responsible since he was so insistant on the color scheme.

Brenden helping by keeping in touch with the outside world (Emma)...

Coming right along...

Taking one for the team


B continuing to be a tremendous help...
What? Who is this??
OOOOHHHH! What a smile!
Beary & Lucy are happy as can be (and very ready for bed!)!

Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


In our house we LOVE the winter! And this morning we woke up to our very first snow of the season! Lucy was so excited to see it!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh my goodness!! I must tell you that I just love *teenagers! And especially those who love the Lord & seek to do His will.

At Nick's basketball practice tonight, one of the player's sister, Emily who is sweet 16, gave me a huge donation of her OWN MONEY to give to Bill & Lynsay's van fund!!!! Oh my stars, it moved me so greatly! I started to cry & couldn't help but give her a huge hug because I was so very grateful. I wish I had had my camera with me so I could show her cute face & give her the full recognition that she deserves!

THANK YOU EMILY!!! God will most certainly bless you for your generosity!

*Just a little hint regarding my upcoming BIG announcement! ;)

Moving Forward...

A few days ago I told you that God put something really big on my heart. Well, I can't give details quite yet but after a lot of prayer & seeking godly counsel, we are moving forward with what we feel God has called us to do.

I have great peace about our decision, despite fears of the unknown, fear of what people will think (ok, that one isn't a huge concern of mine), fear of all the "what if's." But this week in my daily Bible reading I "just happened" to read Hebews 11. But before that, Hebrews 10:35-39...

"So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.
You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. For in just a very little while, "He who is coming will come and will not delay. But my righteous one will live by faith. And if he shrinks back, I will not be pleased with him." But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved." (emphasis mine)

And as you know, Hebrews 11 tells of many of the Hero's of Faith in the they boldly obeyed God, even though it sometimes didn't seem to make sense or in some cases, sounded completely crazy! Of course I've read this chapter many, many times but because it landed in my daily reading plan just when I needed it, it was like reading it for the first time...fresh, renewed faith...a word from the Lord to boldly move forward. Gulp.

I have already told several of my blogging buddies because I desperately wanted them to be praying and to seek their advice. Thank you all so much!!

I hope to tell the rest of you in the weeks to come...perhaps sooner.

Oh, and you would expect that I would have lots of cute pics to post of Lucy's first Thanksgiving...uuhh, no. I completely forgot to bring my camera to both of our dinners with our families. GRRRR. I promise I won't forget it for Christmas!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Heavy on the Blessings

Sorry....I saw this & just had to chuck the traditional turkey picture & post this one instead....if only I looked that good!

What's the deal here? Every single morning when the alarm goes off at an unheard of time that really shouldn't exist, I drag myself out of bed...wondering if I will make it to my coffee pot before I need to stop for a rest. But this morning....(and yesterday...and likely tomorrow) the alarm got the mornng off. I happily went to bed knowing that my little tired body could sleep until the sun was up and warming this side of the earth. HA! No, not eyelids with attitude popped right open at the usual time...with no heaviness that would cause me to savor the fact that I get to roll back over & drink in the slumber. Nope. Everything in my just wanted to pop right up and start my day. AAAHH!! Why can't I feel so zippy EVERY morning??

Anyway folks...have a super-duper Thanksgiving. Times are is on and so on. But OH THE BLESSINGS!!! Be thankful.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My blogger friend Jan sent me the sweetest email with a very generous donation that she is mailing in. I am so encouraged by something she said telling how she and her husband budget their money each month....beyond their tithes, they set aside a certain amount of $$ for a "blessing fund". Wow! Is that great or what? This month they are using the money to help some friends at their church AND to contribute to our fundraiser. Oh how my heart is filled with JOY!! This is how God wants us to live folks!! Thanks Jan!!

Slightly unrelated....I spent time in prayer & fasting on Monday for little Gracie and some other people and needs. I tell ya', everytime I fast (which with every hunger growl I am reminded to pray...which for me is A LOT!! I get so hungry even missing one meal! Spoiled American!) God reveals something to me and so far it's always been what He wants me to do for Him!! I love that! One time I was praying & fasting for our financial situation because we were fresh home from China (having spent a lot of $$) and Kelly was really slow on work. We knew we wanted to adopt again as soon as God put it on our hearts so I was really praying that our needs would be met AND our income would keep us qualified to adopt from Ch*na if that's where He called us. The very day I was praying & fasting, K called me and told me he wanted us to give a large amount of $ to our church above our tithe. Wow! I LOVE to give! Then later in the day, Linn called to pray with me and she suggested the same thing, which totally confirmed it! So you can see that praying & fasting isn't about pleading with God to give us what WE's not some sort of hunger strike. It is about drawing closer to HIM and hearing what HE wants for us. And YES, He is so faithful to provide and meet our every need. Oh and the result of our giving was God blessing us with abundance over the next couple of months. Lesson learned...give FIRST, then watch God bless us, dont' wait for it to be the other way around!

Ok, so on Monday as I was fasting God revealed, yet again, something for us to do for Him. I can't say yet what it is but it is BIG!!! I'm so excited, nervous, it's going to sound crazy to a lot of people but we are only interested in being obedient. So, for my prayer warriors out there...please PRAY for us!! I will tell you what it is as soon as I can!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Day

All of the donations so far have been extremely generous, no matter the amount. Several of you have emailed me saying that you were moved by Bill & Lynsay's ministry and that you are mailing a check. A few have chosen to donate thru ChipIn. Either way, please know how very, very thankful we are for selflessly donating.

I know we aren't all called to donate to every need that comes along, but I can't help but be a little disappointed that we haven't had more of an outpouring in donations. I DO REALIZE and BELIEVE with all my heart that God will provide B & L with the perfect vehicle no matter how much we raise. BUT, I feel strongly that WE ALL need to seek God's voice in what WE should do to help (I'm including myself in this!!). Perhaps God is asking you to give $10! Are you willing to be obedient? Maybe He wants you to give $50...or $100...more?? It doesn't matter how much, it's being obedient that is important. God can turn a few dollars into a HUGE blessing. Would you please pause and think about what YOU should give? Yes, it may mean giving up something in order to do it...but that's when giving gets really exciting. Giving is the ONE area in which God tells us to test Him! See Malachi 3:8-11.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hope Fading...

As I am trying to figure out how I can make up some family & freezer friendly meals for our upcoming busy & chaotic schedule (basketball galore), a faint but familiar memory comes to mind. I have suddenly realized that as a little girl I watched with great awe and hope for my future while being entertained by The Jetson's cartoon, all the while was being lied to. You see, these fraudulant futuristic characters told me of great things to come...flying cars, a loveable (ok, not always loveable) robot maid, a dog that no doubt wouldn't make any messes on the floor, and of course my very favorite, a MEAL MACHINE! It all makes sense to me now why I so eagerly joined Future Homemakers of America (was even the VP) in high school...I knew for certain that a homemaker's job was sure to be different by the time I was running a household! With a push of a button, a stylish outfit on, lipstick in place & family gathered around the table, I would effortlessly present my "masterpiece meal."

So you can see that after holding out hope for 40 years, I feel really dupped. What happened? Was it a lie all along or was it some sort of conspiracy to keep us barefoot, pregnant & in the kitchen? (BTW, the up-to-date version of that would be blogging, adopting & the kitchen! Ok, some things never change.)

They can put a man on the moon, but they can't give us gals our own little meal vending machine?? I'm appauled & think we should start some sort of petition.


The following was posted on the Jiangxi Yahoo group I belong to. My understanding is that this sweet little girl has a rare and serious form of Luekemia and desperately needs a bone marrow transplant. Apparently the bio parents were found but they refuse to help. It is believed that there are two sisters perhaps here in the US who need to be found in hopes of saving their sister's life. They are also asking for possible donor matches to be tested. If you can help spread this around, please do.

Last night I posted regarding the little girl, Lydia, who is very ill and her mother is desperately trying to find her 2 sisters. Tonight a plea is being made in asking for your help. Lydia must find a donor. We urge you to please allow your child to be tested, cheek swab, for a possible donor match.Lydia is Hakka Chinese. The Hakka are concentrated in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Fujian, Hong Kong and Hunan.

There are small numbers in Sichuan and Hunan Provinces. Source: Operation China 2000.Please, if you are interested in testing please contact me <> If you are a member of Guangdong or Hunan sib find, just enter yourinformation in the database section of the group.

Life is about to get really crazy...

Well this picture says it all. We had had a super busy day and little Lucy didn't get her nap...until this moment of discovering just how compromisingly comfortable our much needed-to-be-vacuumed rug is. What's even sadder is that only moments after this pic was taken I had to scoop her up and put her in the car to haul Nick to basketball practice.

You will have to forgive me if my posts get sparse....we are going to be driving here there & everywhere for games in the months to come. I will do my best to bring my laptop along & if necessary, put aluminum foil on my head & hang out the car window in hopes of getting a wireless connection so I can bring to you whatever excitement is going on in our little family.

SADDEST THING OF ALL....We just realized that Brenden has a game 3 hours away on LUCY'S BIRTHDAY! K & I are just sick about it!! Please pray for a blizzard to come so the game will be cancelled. I'm. dead. serious. If that doesn't happen, I really think I will keep B home that day from school so we can celebrate during the day before he has to leave (which will be around noon).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I'm so thankful today for so many things...where do I begin?? Let's see....

1. DATE NIGHT!!...For the first time in six months my big man & I went out on a date..alone!! Since the boys had youth group last night, my friend Angela (who is the glue that holds our youth group together) offered to watch Lucy at church while we went out for a quick bite to eat. We went for GREEK food!! YUMMY! It was so nice & Lucy did great...but all I could think about while eating at a restaurant with people all around was...gee, it's too bad all these people are missing out on seeing my beautiful Lucy! I know, next time I'll bring her along! Ok, that would kind of defeat the purpose.

2. Online Friends...ok, I could name so many but today, my sweet friend PAULA gets my thanks. She emailed me & told me of an incredibly generous thing she is doing to donate to B & L's van fund. I'm just giddy about it & will tell ya'll later more about it....

3. God's blessings for those who sacrifice....My sweet friend Linn totally rocks & she has the biggest heart for orphans. I have seen with my own eyes the way she and her family live...they are very intentional in what they buy and don't buy. They know the importance of living with eternity in mind. She wrote a great post today...please check it out.

4. Adoption...Woo Hoo!! My sweet blogger friend Jean just arrived in China to get her precious daughter!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!

Ok, I know I should list at least 6 more things but my day has been crazy thus far & it's still not over...I've got to get some things done before heading out for basketball practice, a meeting, and coming up with some sort of dinner for tonight. ?????

I will leave you with this great picture of Lucy and Nick (or Yick as she calls him).....

Please ignore the dinner that is in Lucy's teeth (this seems to be a theme for her)....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

You are Sooo Busted Girl!

Last night Miss Lucy had some quality time with Baba. She gave him a full spa treatment which included a luxurious chap-stick facial, an Asian hair treatment (not pictured, sorry), and a complimentary nose-blowing. I think she could have plucked his eyebrows & he would have happily let her...she's got this big man so wrapped around her finger!

Lucy has developed quite the American sweet much so that she will find candy stashed away (I can't hide a thing that she won't find eventually!), her eyes big & hands full, she proudly announces her find. Now she's learned very quickly my response & will now say it before it can even come to my lips. With her little chubby finger pointing up & the cutest look on her face she'll say, "noooo more cookies (or whatever the snack may be". I know that doesn't read near as cute as it sounds but trust me, it is stinkin' adorable! But she has also learned to be a little more sneaky about her snacks which led me to this little mouse hiding in the kitchen....

Apparently me walking in on this guilty girl took all the thrill out of eating this now chopped up fudge cake because she no longer wanted it after she was busted!

Oh and I realized I never took a pic of K's new man-chair...I still haven't captured a snap shot of him sitting in it but Brenden gladly took his place as 2nd in command as man of the house......

Archie & Edith's chairs... (K's new chair may look black but it is actually a yummy shade of chocolate brown!)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What's in it for ME?

One thing that puts a bee in my bonnet is fundraisers. STAY WITH ME HERE! I LOVE giving to charities and ministries...what gets me is when we do it only when we see that we will get something out of it or because we are put on the spot (and don't wanna look cheap). You know what I mean, when little Susie down the street comes to your door & wants to sell you a jumbo candy bar or cookie dough so her school can get a new slide for the playground. Ok again, hear me LOUD AND CLEAR...I don't think there is anything WRONG with that type of raising funds. But what's wrong with just presenting a need and praying that people's hearts are moved to GIVE GENEROUSLY because they BELIEVE in the cause. Period. The good new is, God tells us to expect a return on our giving...yep He sure does. But I we get a return on our giving when we give out of guilt or obligation? Do we get a return when we give only to get that much (not) needed gadget or that slim chance at "winning" something big? Are you following me here? WHAT IF....we prayed, gave, then not only waited to see how God uses that obediently-given gift but how He will bless US for doing it? I mean, wouldn't you rather let GOD decide what He wants to bless you with instead of, you know, getting another bad-smelling, over-priced candle? I wonder how many REAL blessings we forfeit because our giving isn't with the right motive or with a genuinely CHEERFUL heart? Let's all ponder that for a while & pray for God's direction.

Does it appear that I am kind of trying to peak your interest & maybe even tease you a bit before I make my announcement?? Ummm...yeah, I kinda am! I REALLY need a lot of people in on this & when Iask you to PRAY, I really mean PRAY HARD, then PRAY SOME MORE. And then pass this on to as many people as you can think of... I am also working hard to gather what I need to put this all together. I promise I will do my best to have it ready in the next day or two (or three..) STAY TUNED!!!

Please Pray

For quite some time now I have had kind of a nudging coming from the Lord about something. I have prayed & prayed about how to go about what God has called me to do (it involves all of you!) but I just haven't been able to settle on what the exact plan is. But then suddenly as I was emailing a her some of my ideas I felt God give me the answer, which is so simple I can't even believe it.

Since it involves all of you, I would ask that you please pray. Pray that I am hearing Him correctly and pray that your hearts would be prepared for what I will announce soon. Pray that we ALL would have hearts bent on giving.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yes, K & I got married two days after I turned 19, 21 years ago today! He is still the man of my dreams! And I assume I'm still the girl of his dreams! Actually, I know I am..because he tells me that all the time & shows it too. :) I know people tend to frown on people getting married so young but honestly, I think it's a great thing! And at this point in my life I can't even decide what to make for dinner, much less who/when/if to marry someone so it all worked out just fine. Oh, and my good friend Lori Anne was one of my bride's maids!! I was tempted to post her pic 80's teal green taffeta dress (what was I thinking?) isn't very flattering...even on a cute girl like LA.

I was going to put our wedding picture on here but umm...short of taking a picture of the picture (which I tried & it didn't look so good) I don't know how to do it. So, I decided to put this cute pic of K, Lucy & me instead!

Seriously...don't you think Lucy is a combination of both of us??

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for soap scum...yes, that's right. Let me explain...Miss Lucy takes literally dozens of pictures at a time on my cell phone and this morning was no exception. Only this time her creative photography led her to my bathroom while I was in the shower. You can imagine my surprise when I look down and see my little Asian paparazzi taking my pic while I was showering. Well, say what you want about my lack of enthusiasm to clean my bathrooms but today it saved me because the soap scum on my shower doors distorted all my imperfections, leaving me unrecognizable. Whew.

And the little stinker got up at 5:45 this morning...that's about 3 hours sooner than usual. I intentionally set my alarm at this time to get up long before the rest of my clan so I can morph into a human without others breathing down my neck causing a mood that is not-so-nice. So when Missy got up with me, well...suffice it to say that I didn't start my day as I needed to. So, my plan is....she is lacking 3 hours of sleep from her early-rise...and she usually takes a two hour nap every afternoon. She owes me 5 hours. Right??
I'm also thankful for:
1. A good night's sleep...aahh. It's precious.
2. Birthday cake..need I say more??
3. Healthy kids...THANK YOU LORD!!!
4. A gloomy fall day...hey, it's cozy!
5. Hairspray (of the highest quality of course!)
6. Slippers...I know I already listed that a couple weeks ago but I got a new pair!
7. Cheap gas prices!!! As of last night it waas $1.88 in our area!! Woo Hoo!
8. God's hedge of protection around my children
9. Electric blanket...set on 5 all night long, baby!
10. My HARD WORKING husband who loves me to pieces!
Thank you to all of my friends, family & blogging buddies who called, emailed & left comments wishing me a happy birthday! I got two was a quadrupel chocolate cake Angela made & brought to Bible study the other was a gorgeous chocolate cake from my mom who also brought me lunch!

My Bible study gals gave me some fun birthday from one of the most prim & proper ladies in our church, Connie, who left me laughing/crying so hard at a shocking comment she made that totally made my day! I have tried to figure out how I could delicately repeat what she said but I think it should just remain a little inside joke with my study gals. But trust me, it was hilarious & unexpected (especially coming from her).
And thanks to my sweet friend Lori Anne, who has known me since my early years, and did a lovely tribute to me on her blog yesterday (she posted it in the early-bird hours of the morning...that's just like her, you have no idea)! Where she got that pic of me on a trampoline (well I assume I have assistance jumping that high) I will never know. I don't remember that for the life of me & now, two pregnancies (and one adoption) later I'm afraid I wouldn't be so giddy jumping like that (if you have given birth, you know what I mean).

We had a lovely evening celebrating with cake & an entire box of candles (which still wasn't enough to represent my many years...but I simply refuse to risk burning down my house for the sake of my milestone b-day). Lucy was excited, which is great because her BIG DAY is next!!! I also opened my presents which were lovely (though I was really hoping the boys would make me a macaroni adorned picture of themselves...apparently they've grown up a bit. When did that happen?)

Then we took the boys to youth group (there's no way they would miss it...even if it was Mom's day of celebrating her birth), and K, Lucy & I went out to a great, way-too-filling Mexican dinner. And its saltiness left me parched all evening, which I do believe is yet another sign of the new decade I have just entered. And then we went shopping (of's just what we do) and I got a few things & Lucy couldn't live without this robe! Too cute.

And unfortunately, but predictably, no great pics of me on my day...and the one decent one, B didn't avoid the clutter on the kitchen counter, which I specifically told him to make sure didn't get in the pic (do I sound a bit controlling?? No wonder no one ever wants to take over the camera duties).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Is it really sad & pitiful that I'm posting a tribute to myself on this wonderful day which just happens to be my 40th birthday?? Sad or I am saying Happy Birthday to ME!! I can't believe I'm 40. 40. 40. 40. That just sounds weird. 40. How can I be 40 when I just graduated from High School...didn't I? Lori Anne...didn't we just graduate? Wasn't it just last winter that we were stunningly beautiful homecoming queen candidates? (And for the record, Lori Anne won. Whatever.)

So, isn't 40 the new 30?...or so I've heard. It must be because I certainly don't feel 40, which I once considered to be way over-the-hill...I actually feel great...when I'm not totally exhausted (by 3 PM) . I think I look young....when the lights are very, very dim. And I definitely I act young...when I'm not cranky from the pre-menopause mood-swings. So, there must be a mistake. I simply can't be 40.

So now I'm off to Bible study...but before I can leave the house I need to wax this old lady mustache off, put a little brown eye-shadow on my roots to cover up the blue-haired broad trying to get out until I can chemically surpress her, and then stuff my fabulously-forty rear-end into a tight pair of Levi's in hopes of fooling people into thinking that the law of gravity doesn't apply to me. Righto. It's all smoke and mirrors people.

Stop back by here later in case I add some birthday pics...which I may have to take of myself. (I think my sweet husband really believed me when I said I wanted absolutely, positively NO party or hoopla...which I really did mean, but still.)

And for now I will leave you with this verse I am clinging to...

"Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day." 2 Cor. 4:16

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pesky Stairs

Ok, I was just on my way downstairs to do my worn-out hubby a favor by getting him a bucket that he requested (huh?) and half way down I guess I forgot that I was, you know, supposed to be continuing with the one-foot-in-front-of-the-other thing & before I knew it I was at the bottom in severe pain (ok, keep in mind that I am always one to complain). Immediately two of my three guys came running (B was already in bed, tuckered out from his first basketball I'll let him off the hook). I knew I was ok but enjoying the brief attention it brought. Once K knew I was ok he said, "Let me help you up then you can go blog about this." HA! He was kidding but here I am!

All In The Family

I finally talked my hard workin' man into buying himself a big comfy recliner.'s not that I had to talk him into wanting this manly place to sit...I had to talk him into spending the money on it. My guy is the hardest working guy I know. He does it without complaining (much) because he knows & takes seriously his role of provider. Oh I'm so very thankful for that because it has enabled me to be a stay-at-home-mom all these years. And he wouldn't have it any other way.

His weary body, from back-breaking work needs a nice place to land at the end of a hard day. So yesterday we spent the afternoon re-arranging the living room preparing for his new throne. The configuation we came up with immediately made us both crack up because it looks so much like Archie & Edith's chairs sitting side by side. And truth be told, he is a little like Archie and I am a lot like Edith.
**Ok, I have waited all day to post this so I could get a pic of K and me sitting in our old people chairs but he worked a loonngg day then came home, ate a quick dinner then back outside to put B's muffler back on that fell off after he got rear-ended today. So, sorry no pic for now...I will try later!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

As I'm sitting here on a Sunday morning, drinking my coffee (of course..I wouldn't have the gumption to write anything without it), watching the clock to know when to peel myself up off my well-worn rocker (seriously, it has seen my rear-end way more since becoming a blogger than when I was a new Mama with babies fresh from the hospital) so we won't be late for church. What to write...hummm...

I got such a sweet comment & email from my newest buddy Jan last night who made my day totally. She encouraged me greatly because even though I totally love writing, I grow weary not knowing who is rolling their eyes, who, perhaps may be cracking a smile...who I'm making on and so on. First let me say this regarding my political posts. I think it was obvious by my fierce passion who I wanted to win (if you didn't catch onto that, seriously...I'm worried) but my passion was never about MY guy winning but GOD'S VALUES being implemented (as much as possible). Ok, I'm trying to not go down that road again of getting all fired point here greatest passion, however, is my witness as a Christian. My BIGGEST job, responsibility, ministry, desire is to live out a life of FAITH IN CHRIST. There is nothing political about's a relationship that compares to no other. I think about Paul in the Bible (no, I am not a Paul..or Paula...never would I consider myself to be such an incredible Christian..though I wish I was), he was the most bold, in your face, I'm-standing-up-for-what-is-right-no-matter-what-you-do-to-me kind of guy. He KNEW he was RIGHT and he never backed down. And YES, he even confronted other Christians when they were off base. He was imprisoned, beaten, ridiculed, and eventually killed for his stand. Well, I certainly hope I never have to endure what he did (please Lord..please no!) but I certainly do hope to have his boldness no matter what.

.....Abruptly changing the subject....

Last night we did the family-shopping thing. I am telling you, my big boys are getting more and more doing their own thing so much of the time, I hate it but know that's just the way it is. If they never wanted to leave the house or do stuff with their friends I guess I would be a bit worried, huh? So, when we are all together it is such fun. Adding Lucy to the mix has only added a ton of joy and laughter. She has just started saying, "Hi-low" know, a mix of Hi and Hello. It is the cutest thing ever. At one point in the store we were moving on from what we were all looking at & the boys were lagging behind...Lucy then said, "Come on boys!!" It was such a hoot. She really does rule the roost around here.

On our last shopping trip I was looking for a sweater I had seen in an ad & I said to my fellas, "Ok, keep your eye out for an argyle sweater". Well, what in the world was I thinkin' when I said that? They don't know corduroy from satin. Nick said, "ok, like what color is that similar to?" HUH?? K said, "what is argyle?" The saddest part...they were completely serious. **sigh** Oh, Never mind. Lucy will be so much fun when she is older and more fashion conscience because I am giving up on these men of mine.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm starting to feel as though I'm a columnist for a newspaper & I find myself in a panic when I don't have a riveting "article" to submit daily! Duh, one is paying you for's not's just for fun. Right??

Ok so, right at the moment I'm enjoying my coffee then it's off to Nick's first basketball practice of the season. I'm the Team Mom again this year so that means more stuff for me to do which is good because gosh, I have so many dull, boring nothing-to-do moments in my day. K was a little perturbed that I took on yet another duty but the truth is, I enjoy it & I will do my best not to complain about it...too much. :)

So this was pretty much a "filler" post. I had nothing of significance to brain is too slow from a lack of sleep and I just don't have the energy for profound, or funny thoughts. I don't even have any real basketball pics from last year to slap on here because they are locked away in the archives (in an external hard drive that I have no idea how to use...far as I can tell, those photos are lost forever if left to me to squeeze out) So this is it folks! Perhaps I will have an amazing afternoon that will lead to something hilarious to write about.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Garage Sale Extravaganza

Garage Sale Glamour Gals........
Well, I wish I could say that our garage sale was a huge success & that I have oodles of money to send to Bill & Lynsay. And too bad I can't blame our sad little sale on the lack of shoppers on a very cold day but the truth is, there were lots of people who stopped in! Inventory was our problem...a lack of it. I brought the most stuff I mom had just recently donated a bunch of her stuff to a women's shelter, so she didn't have much, my sister Dana sold a lof of goodies in a garage sale she had earlier in the fall when normal people do such sales but she did bring a few things and my sweet sister Robin leads a busy, busy life and just couldn't fit it into her schedule to bring her junk, I mean treasures...though she did stop by because she can't stand to miss out on a good time with us!

An annoyed Nick that he only made $2!! And he is also unhappy about being sucked into a sister to sister conversation.
So, anyhoo my grand total was $89.56! The saddest part about that is, I personally only sold like $20 worth of stuff and the rest of $$ came from my very generous mom who gladly kicked in when she found out where the money was going. I so much wish I was sending 10x that amount but it is what it is and God will bless it no doubt!

Lucy and Ninny mostly stayed inside playing with the obnoxious amount of toys she has collected for her grandkids. They had a tea party with friends and went sticker-crazy in the craft section.
Dana and I had a blast even though so many customers walked away empty handed (I even had hot chocolate and Little Debbies for sale!). At one point we were playing 20 questions and Dana discovered something new about me....that I have a vast amount of useless trivia stored away in my fuzzy-haired brain. Perhaps Jeopardy is in my future (uhh, no don't think so...I do not think well under pressure...just in my parents' garage on a cold November morning).

Dana was constantly shifting the goods around to highten their appeal. And at one point her driveway display was caught by the wind and the Lite Bright that she had just marked down 50% flew off the table at which she leapt out of her chair as if her first born had just flown away.

Here Dana has shamelessly resorted to raw sex appeal to sell these lovely chairs...

Then Robin dropped by and we shared some laughs. I promised my gals that I would most certainly airbrush the pics before posting them to my blog but my airbrusher is broken so just know that we really do look better than this when digitally enhanced.

It was a fun, fun day.
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